The Bullet Journal Method

Learn how to set achievable goals, break them down into manageable steps, and create a personalized system for tracking your progress and staying motivated.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and distracted? The Bullet Journal Method offers a game-changing solution to help you externalize your thoughts and stay focused on your goals. By simply writing down your thoughts and goals as they come, you can increase your productivity and achieve more than you ever thought possible. Say goodbye to scattered thoughts and hello to a more organized and fulfilling life with the Bullet Journal Method.


Be Intentional

Learning to identify what is important by stripping away what is meaningless will help you reach your goals faster.

  • There are many thoughts that come to mind daily that need to be given consideration.
  • Journaling is an effective way to document the things that matter and bring greater clarity to your life in a distracted world.
  • Writing down the important parts of your life connects you with yourself and what you care about.
  • The purpose of this method is to use time and energy efficiently.
  • Being mindful and productive increases your ability to identify useful materials and ideas.


  • Mindfulness helps us become aware of our surroundings and ourselves.
  • The Bullet Journal Method is a tool to help us track why we do what we do.
  • Writing by hand helps us focus on the present moment on a neurological level.
  • Knowing ourselves starts with being mindful in the present moment.

Mental Inventory

  • Take inventory of what you are working on, what you should be working on, and what you want to be working on.
  • Ask yourself if the task matters and if there would be a real repercussion for not getting it done.
  • Take a pause before proceeding with a task and define an agenda to prioritize, focus, and use your time more effectively.
  • Craft bullets with a balance of brevity and clarity.
  • Separate activities into different categories such as tasks, events, and notes.
  • Use signifiers to highlight entries and give them additional contexts.
  • Rapidly log information to contend with the daily grind and offload information.
  • Set an intention for a safe place for free expression of the mind.


  • The Bullet Journal Method utilizes a technique called migration to help form the habit of transferring content from the Future Log to the Monthly Log.
  • Rewriting content can be daunting, but it is rewarding as it helps focus attention on the task and encourages reflection.
  • Taking time to think through the task is important to ensure that it is something one is willing to execute.

Reflection and progress

  • Organizing your thoughts on paper is an effective way to start a task.
  • Reflection helps identify what nourishes us and make better decisions.
  • It allows us to harvest the rich information embedded in our life experiences and use it for the future.
  • Appreciate your progress to relieve stress and give yourself a sense of purpose and preparedness.
  • Reflection will also improve your perception and sharpen your insights.

Attention of time perception

Even though we cannot make more time, we can increase the quality of time we take.

  • Our perception of time is relative to what we are doing.
  • We can accomplish a lot in a short period of time if we are focused and attentive.
  • The amount of time available is not necessarily the key factor in determining how much we can get done.
  • It is our ability to bring attention to the present moment that determines how much we can accomplish.

Action Items

  • Daily reflection is an important tool to help you become more organized
  • Take your time for daily reflection, but make sure it is done consistently
  • If you find yourself not reflecting, reduce the amount of time spent in reflection
  • Start small and gradually increase the amount of time devoted to reflection

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