The Miracle Morning

Discover techniques for generating new ideas through silence, avoiding ineffective affirmations, and experiencing the benefits of morning exercise.

Hal Elrod describes approaches for silence that generate new ideas, explains how NOT to do affirmations, and reveals the impact of tiny amounts of exercise. Plus, learn how to do simple practices, like reading and scribing, to introspect and become a better version of yourself.


Miracle Morning

  • To be able to wake up, feel energized and motivated to take on the day.
  • Ready to become a better version of the person who went to bed the night before.


Silence – Practice for Greater Clarity

  • There is not a lot of time for peaceful, purposeful silence, yet when we quiet our minds that is when our best ideas come.
  • Use meditation to set the mindset of the day.
    • Void of thought, try to get into a state of being. Let your own internal be in the moment. Find balance between relaxation and alertness/attentiveness.
    • Meditate with intention involves focusing on a specific topic/result and allow ideas to naturally come.
    • Meditate to reaffirm positive affirmations for the day.

Affirmations – Make Truthful Affirmations

  • Affirmation: a written statement that directs your focus towards something of value.
    • Not lying or tricking yourself into believing something that is not true or is not yet true.
    • Do not project it in a passive language to make you feel good in the moment.
  • 4 steps in creating practice and result oriented affirmations:
    • Affirm what you are committed to.
    • Ask why it is deeply meaningful to you.
    • Affirm what specifically you are committed to doing that will ensure your success.
    • Affirm when specifically will you be able to implement those activities?

Visualization – Tool for Self-Motivation

  • Visualize yourself performing optimally, achieving your goals, get there mentally and emotionally before you even begin.
  • Do not just visualize the end result, but also visualize the activity and see yourself go through the process. See yourself doing it with a smile on your face.
  • Watch a movie about yourself.

Read – Learning with Intent

  • You can read about anything to help you transform you life, even if it is just 10 pages a day.

Scribing – Clarify Your Priorities by Journaling

  • Can start your day by writing down:
    • 3 things you are grateful for (begin the day with gratitude)
    • What are the 3 things I need to do today to move me closer towards my goals
  • Appreciate your current place in the journey
    • Every time you are wishing or wanting that you were further along than you are, realize that when you get to the point you have been working so hard for so long, you almost never wish it would happen any soon.
    • All the journey and adversities all played a part in you becoming the person you need to be to get where you want to go.
    • Take that hindsight and be at peace no matter where you are right now while also maintain a healthy sense of urgency to take action every day.

Bonus: Energy Boost – Morning Workout

  • Take as little as 7 minutes to exercise and get your blood pumping.

“Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become”

~ Jim Rohn
  • If you are not dedicating time every day to your personal development, then you are not becoming the person you need to be to create the success that you want in your life.

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