Common Love for Plants

How our common interests for pothos sparked a wholesome moment I had with a stranger I would not gotten to know.

I did not remember much about that day.

What I clearly remember, however, are the moments I had with a joyful patient who shared a common love for plants.

As I finished handing out food resources to a patient, I came across another patient waiting to be seen. My eyes locked onto her plant that she brought with her. I politely approached her and complimented the green little guy. It is not often that someone brings in a plant like that.

She happily exclaimed how she rescued and nurtured it. She had previously donated the plant to the hotel she frequently visited, but no one took the time to care for the little thing. So she made the decision to take it back and raise it at home.

We continued to exchange about the plants we grew, pictures of our plants, and what we like to do with our plants. We both had a pothos plant and agreed how easy it was to grow. Even if we forget to water them or give them some love for a couple of weeks, they can still survive and prosper. She shared progress pictures of the new leaves on her new plant, which she nurtured at home. Each leaf was precious to her, and she would always keep count. We explained the names we gave to our plants. Pumpkie is the name I gave my pothos, while Valentine is the name she gave hers. She even talked to her own plants, which I thought was endearing.

As the medical students arrived, I said my parting words to my new plant friend and did not forget to say my farewells to Valentine as well.

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